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Health Konsult Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Health Konsult (HK) is a leading healthcare service company in Michigan and among the finest in the United States that provides excellent support services to enhance quality of patient care and hospital profitability. Quality of care is the priority and main goal of all health system. Health Konsult believes that every patient deserves access to quality health care as a right. Therefore, HK supports unique mission of hospitals, nursing homes, physician groups, regulatory bodies and others in health system to preserve the right and ensure that the residents of the communities they serve enjoy it as well.

Our Vision

Health Konsult will be known for:

Thoroughness, efficiency and improved quality of care

Availability, hands-on and customized service

Symbiotic partnership with healthcare organizations

Providing management support to health industry

Promoting safe patient environment and community welfare

Our Values                                                             

Quality Patient Care and Safety

Respect for Dignity, Privacy and Confidentiality

Value for Teamwork and Communication

Skilled and Creative Patient Care Team

Wise and Efficient use of Resources

Our Main Focus

In pursuant of our mission to serve hospitals and health system to fulfil their goal, Health Konsult (HK), focuses on best practices in patient care, safety and quality. We aim at identifying and sharing areas of clinical and administrative lapses, including customer service with health care organisations and their business associates who hire us. Our innovative undercover and investigative services provide solutions to help manage health organizations across all settings to improve quality performance to achieve positive outcomes.

Our staff is well trained to handle volumes of assignments for hospitals, nursing homes and physician group, regulatory bodies among others in health system. Additionally, we serve  government institutions, insurance companies, public health organizations, businesses and academic institutions to realize optimal patients care performance.