What We Do

We’re Undercover Health Mystery Shoppers!!!!

We detect and uncover hidden patient care and safety issues to:

Keep harm at bay from your patients

Save your health organization from litigation

Prevent Loss of licence and accreditation

Increase your confidence level and patronage

Who We Work For

Health Konsult works in collaboration with health care organizations to provide solutions for patient safety and quality of care while on admission and after. When you hire us, we go undercover to source for hidden patient care issues and problems, which may not be obvious or visible to the management, especially after office hours. Our staff work undercover among clinical staff in the hospitals, including nurses, nurse aides, doctors, therapists, up to environmental services, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, physician offices and other healthcare systems, to find areas of strength and weakness. Healthcare providers utilize our reports to make decisions and find immediate solutions to areas lacking in adequate patient care and also reinforce the areas, which require some improvement. HK works for both inpatient and ambulatory visits.

We also work for insurance companies and regulatory organizations whose interest is vested in quality patient care in clinical areas.

Nurse Professionals ready to work 2-4-7 hours

What We Do


Patient Care Monitor  

Speaking & Training

Health Insurance Claim Resolution

Regulation compliance