Why You Need Us




We’re Undercover Health Mystery Shoppers


As Health Mystery Shopping experts, we go Undercover to:

  • Mingle, Work and Watch how the Employees treat your patients, work as a teams and manage their time to achieve your goal
  • Mix, Observe and Chat with patients to access or weigh their satisfaction
  • Observe the Physicians and Paramedicals for Responsiveness
  • Check that patients’ environment are kept clean and sanitary
  • Benchmark and Evaluate your Competitors on quality, best practice and areas of excellence


You’ll receive a detailed report of our findings and the data we collected to help you evaluate the trends and patterns of care, which your patients have been getting.

As Healthcare Management Team, Health Konsult knows that you always

  • Strive to do all it takes to provide fantastic care experience for your patients
  • Put safety measures in place to avoid or minimize the effects of occupational hazards on your patients
  • Keep accurate patients’ record and
  • Work ahead to break even on profitability

The aggregate data we provide you will become a source of information, not only about the patterns and trend, but about the responsible areas or departments involved during our undercover service. These will assist you to recommend changes in pattern, method and processes of patient care, the state of the equipment and the amount of services rendered.

Areas of Focus

Health Konsult has a niche to go undercover to unearth areas of lapses, negligence and omission in care provision. Given our experience in healthcare and business, we know various areas of care to focus and produce useful report to enhance your decision for change and quality improvement in patient care.

Due to our diverse areas of experience and excellence in different care settings, we are able to apply suitable expertise to unique organizations. We have general knowledge of where to focus in nursing homes, general and specialized hospitals such as spinal cord injury and brain injury institutions, physician group practices, business associates and so forth.

Why We are Different

Here are the clear difference between Health Konsult and others

  • Greater percentage of our undercovers are healthcare professionals with varing skill trainings
  • You will get good results and reports from professionals who know exactly what they are doing and where to focus on
  • Our shoppers are knowledgeable in HIPAA laws relating to patients’ privacy and confidentiality, Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • Our reports are factual because they are based on thorough patient observation and evaluatiuon and interaction with employees